OrganizationMattersLLC, owned and operated by Silvia Rappaport, provides administrative and transactional assistance and support in the areas of Daily Money Management, Estate Organization, and Estate Administration.  With an emphasis on providing clients with peace of mind and control over financial and personal matters, Silvia offers direct service to a diverse client base, including seniors, older adults, boomers and  busy professionals.

Daily Money Management offers assistance to individuals who have difficulty managing their personal financial affairs.

Estate Organization focuses on getting your personal affairs in order from a legal, financial, medical and personal perspective.  Having a place for everything and everything in its place brings peace of mind, control and independence.

Estate Administration offers hands-on support to Executors, Personal Representatives and Trustees who have fiduciary responsibility for settling the estate of a family member or friend.

Certified, Bonded and Insured

Complimentary Initial Consultation

In Home or Remote Services

OrganizationMattersLLC respects the integrity and maintains the confidentiality of its clients.