Estate Organization services focus on getting your personal affairs in order, based on a systematic review and approach. This covers many critical elements: from making sure you have the right legal, financial and medical documents in place to thinking through your end of life issues and wishes so your family is not left guessing.  Being prepared, protected and up-to-date with respect to end of life matters can help you minimize and plan for taxes and avoid protracted probate.

Estate Organization services include but are not limited to:

  • Property inventory and master list of assets, benefits, documentation and letters of instruction
  • Review of beneficiary designations, property titles and other ownership records
  • Location and proper storage of legal, financial, medical and personal documents
  • Quick retrieval and access of your personal data and information for emergencies, completion of forms, applications and meetings with professional advisors
  • Record retention and storage systems

Value and Benefits

  • Peace of mind and control of your personal and financial affairs
  • Avoiding conflict and guesswork as to what your wishes and desires are with respect to your health and personal property.
  • Emergency preparedness from a documentation perspective
  • Being well prepared for your meetings with professional advisors

OrganizationMattersLLC respects the integrity and maintains the confidentiality of its clients.