Estate Administration services provide hands-on support to Executors, Personal Representatives and Trustees who have fiduciary responsibility for settling the estate of a family member or friend.  I can either directly assist you with your Executor, Personal Representative or Trustee roles and responsibilities or I can assume the fiduciary responsibility, whichever your prefer. I work through the numerous administrative tasks and facilitate and coordinate with you and your team of legal professionals in order to execute an efficient and timely estate settlement.

Estate Organization services include but are not limited to:


  • Death notifications, cancellation of services, estate bill paying
  • Financial reporting and legal notices
  • Property inventory and valuations
  • Coordination with and asset transfers to beneficiaries
  • Preparation for individual and estate tax returns
  • Sale and disposal of property and assets

Value and Benefits


  • Efficient and timely estate settlement and asset distribution
  • Coordinated communication with entire family and professional team
  • Documentation and tracking of all estate settlement activities and transactions
  • Timely filing of tax returns

OrganizationMattersLLC respects the integrity and maintains the confidentiality of its clients.