"What clients are saying"

“Silvia is very well versed in estate administration, which complements my tax expertise in estate and inheritance taxes.  She is always meticulously prepared with recordkeeping.  Silvia tackles confrontation in a straight forward manner in order to arrive at an appropriate resolution.  I wish all my estate tax clients had someone like Silvia working on their estates.”

“Having to care for and manage the affairs of a parent with Alzheimer’s left me feeling nervous and unprepared.  I am so grateful for Silvia’s expertise.  She has provided resources, answers to questions, organizational and financial strategies, and support to move forward from my position of fear.  Her graciousness, precision, and knowledge have rescued me from capsizing and drowning in an ocean of uncertainty.”

“What a valuable asset!  Silvia was not only trustworthy but showed care and empathy in working with my 86 year old father.  My father worked hard all his life, saving money where he could after sending his two girls to college.  His financial, legal and medical documents, however, were scattered and unorganized until Silvia arrived.  She was thorough and systematic in her approach and was able to put order where there was none.”

“OrganizationMatters has provided me with top-notch guidance in my financial affairs.  I now have peace of mind and confidence with my finances.  To me, this is a remarkable benefit.”

“What a wonderful lady! Her manner is so positive and supportive as she works.  She is the definition of organization.  Silvia has done a wonderful job helping me through a financial mess.  I now have my financial information organized in a way that will help me stay organized.  I truly could not have accomplished this without Silvia’s help and support.”

OrganizationMattersLLC respects the integrity and maintains the confidentiality of its clients.